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The most alluring thing a woman can have, is confidence.

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BodyUpWomen - Our Story

Like no other Boutique fitness studio; We focus on small group exercises based on goal-driven results for each member. 


Each member will choose a goal they wish to attain and will be dedicated a group. Can’t afford personal training? Don’t know what to do on your own in a gym? Tired of not seeing results? Well, bodyupwomen focuses on small group results-based training - meaning when you choose your package you will be assigned to a group of 6 - which will help you with your consistency and with the trainer being able to focus on everyone's needs in the class; helping them reach their full potential! 

Any results based membership comes with full access to the studio as well as all other classes available. 

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Surpass Your Goals

AT BodyUpWomen we offer 1-1 and group Training Sessions with our founder Nidha •Contact for further information • 

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Have questions, comments, compliments or concerns? We’re always here to help. Drop us a message on our IG Bodyupwomen_ 

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- @wanderwivnidha_  has been the most gorgeous mentor/trainer/cheerleader for me and she's  released her own workout plan !! ⭐⭐⭐She preaches self love and confidence and her workouts make you feel super strong. I became part of BodyUpWomen by starting online training with nidha during the first lockdown and it has really helped me keep sane ! Exercise can seem really scary and is a trigger for lots of people, but getting past this with Nidha has been the best - get on it babay !!! n follow @wanderwivnidha_ @bodyupwomen_ to help yourself feel great xxxxx’’

Amy - Leeds 


“I started online training with nidha after being referred  by my friend . I have seen more results with nidha than I ever have ! And to say this has all been online it’s amazing ! I now train with nidha 5 days a week . I am so proud to be apart of bodyupwomen I am loving it :) xxx‘Hate you but love you nidha ‘

Awrad - Middle East 

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“I definitely need to thank nidha for being such an encouraging start towards my weight loss i should have started sooner but I'm so grateful I started with nidha 🤭🤗

 In all honesty not much different I still see the same person that I've been seeing for years but now her clothes are falling off 🤣

I have always tried to make sure that my weight didn't stop me from moving like everyone that hasn't changed but it is noticeable how much easier certain movements are

Its been just over 2 years now I just tried to focus on the healthy things I enjoy but most of all listen to my body first”

Go bodyupwomen 🙏🏽❤️

Chane - South Africa 

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“Day 1 of @bodyupwomen Bikini Bootay Challenge.  Ugh. What can I say? I went from struggling with my body image, have a baby, put on weight and actually regret the harsh criticism I left for myself. But self love is SO important. Starting this journey with @wanderwivnidha_ and her program, I’m able to start to love myself and see my happiness through physical results as well as my mind ❤️ @bodyupwomen_make me sweat, I wanna be sexy again 😫 .  Complete with meal plans, snack ideas etc, I’m so so happy I’m starting today! 💕”

Kim Pham - London 

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👙🍑 I unfortunately lost a stone of muscle weight during this lockdown period😳, due to not being able to go the gym & have a structured routine like my body was used to. So going through the bikini bootay challenge with bodyupwomen really helped me reach my goal ! Just the best! @bodyupwomen- @wanderwivnidha_  lots of love 🤍”



Tamar Tappin - Ipswich 

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Repost from week 1 before pictures ‘ & end of week 2 from this beaut @casssi.x Official Day #1 Of the Bikini Bootay Challenge 👙🍑 !! With Everything happening in 2020 I decided to take on this 8 Week Challenge 🏆✨as part of my end year self ❤️ routine. I have always wanted to work on my body but I have never been motivated to working out, neither did I have any guidelines on how to get started. After bumping into #BodyUpWithWomen the game changed !!! Now im so excited and can't wait to see those results 🔥🍑🥵


Cassie - Dubai 

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